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Early Washington Co. Marriages. 1824

1. Mar. 4, 1824, Joseph Morton to Ruthy, dau. of Greer McIlvaine.
    By Rev. Boyd Mercer.
2. Mar. 4, 1824, William Baxter to Elizabeth, dau. of John Chambers.
    By Rev. O. Jennings
3. Mar. 11, 1824, William Little, formerly of Bedford Co., to Mary Ann,
    dau. of Janes Pattison.
    By Rev. Chas. Wheeler.
4. Mar. 29, 1824, Jess Gardner of Amwell to Mary McClure of W. Beth.
    By Rev. Charles Wheeler.
5. May 12, 1824, Dr. Benjamin W. Morris to Mrs. Mary Johnson of New
    Lisbon, Ohio.
    By Rev. Clement Vallandigham.
6. May 24, 1824, Joseph Donaghey Jr. of Buffalo to Sarah, dau. of
    Thomas Fergus.
    By Rev. Obediah Jennings.
7. May 4, 1824, Rev. Joseph McElroy to Mrs. Marianna F. Poyntell, dau.
    of late Judge Walker of Pittsburgh.
    By Rev. John Knox.
8. June 3, 1824, Dr. James Stevens to Sarah Breading of Fayette Co.
    By Rev. Johnson of Brownsville.
9. June 4, 1824, John Ritchie, son of Craig Ritchie to Eleanor, dau. of
    Parker Campbell.
    By Rev. Obediah Jennings.
10. June 3, 1824, James Bartrum to Elizabeth Stockhouse.
    By Rev. Chas. Wheeler
11. June 3, 1824, Samuel Johnston, bookseller to Mary Nelson.
    By Rev. Wheeler
12. June 3, 1824, John Mitchell to Christina Faughner.
    By. Rev. Boyd Mercer.
13. June 8, 1824, John rankin to Elizabeth, dau. of John Walker of Cum-
    By Rev. O. Jennings
14. June 10, 1824, Michael S. Johns to Charlottem dau. of David Eckart.
    By Rev. Cook.
15. June 17, 1824, William Moore to Jane Bishop.
    By Rev. Thomas Hoge.
16. June 26, 1824, Died----Andrew Sweringen Esq. Aged 78. Came from Virginia
in 1772. Revolutionary soldier.
17. July 30, 1824, Died----Parker Campbell Esq. Came from York, Pa. in 1794.
Aged 54.

Then it skips to #35
35. Nov. 25, 1824, Hugh Johnson to Mary Crow.
    By Shesh. Bentley, Esq.
36. Dec. 2, 1824, Daniel Luce, Amwell, to Susan Hartley of Amwell.
    By Rev. Charles Wheeler.
Some are Missing

Record. #
                Apr. 13, 1815
140        Joshus Everett of Brook Co. to Margaret Cuchanan.  By John
Buchannan, Esq.

                Apr. 11, 1815
141        James Kerr to Margaret Wherry, daughter of Joseph Wherry.  By
Rev. Matthew Brown

                May 4, 1815
142        J. Wellington Oliver to Mary Hughes.  By. Rev. Charles Wheeler.

                June 8, 1815  [Don't know how this got in here]
143        Died---Esther, wife of James Mitchell of Pigeon Creek. Age 76.

                May 23, 1815
144        Eugene McGarey to Martha Heaman of Ohio Co., VA.  By Rev. Mr.

                May 23, 1815
145        George Meeks to Mary Bolen of Amwell Twp.  By Rev. Matthew Brown

                May 30, 1815
146        David Sheely to Polly Ashbrooke.  By Joseph Arons, Esq.

                June 28, 1815
147        Dr. James Wishart to Jane Hazlett, eldest daughter of Hebert
Hazlett.  By Rev. Matthew Brown.

                June 28, 1815
148        John Horn to Mary Glauser of Ten Mile.  By Rev. Allen of Green

                June 28, 1815
149        John (Dunn or Gunn) of Newtown to Sophia Woods, daughter of John
Woods.  By A. Sweringen, Esq. at Meadowlands.

                July 13, 1815
150        Hugh Logan to Martha Latimore of Buffalo.  By Rev. Mr. French.

                Aug. 5, 1815
151         Jacob Slagle to Mary Marshall, daughter of J. Marshall of
Charlestown, Va.  By Rev. Dr. Doddridge.

                Aug. 4, 1815 [Another Death]
152        Died---Maj. General Thomas Achesen.  Aged 47 years.

Record #
                Sept. 13, 1815
153        Robert McClelland to Drusilla Husten.  By William Craig, Esq.

                Sept. 28, 1815
154        Rhomas McCall to Mary Stuart.  By Rev. Mr. Anderson of West

                Oct. 5, 1815
155        Mrs. Seeds Nixon to Sarah Waller of Canton Twp.  By Rev. Mr.

                Oct 12, 1815
156        William Eichbaum Jr. to Rebecca Johnston, daughter of John
Johnston, Esq.  By Rev. Joseph Stockdale.

                Nov. 8, 1815
157        Mr. Pressley Amberson of Mercer, Pa. to Sarah Cunningham of
Washington.  By Rev. Matthew Brown.

(If anyone has any information on this following marriage I would love to
hear from you.  Could these possibly be the parents of my gg-grandfather
William Howell, born abt. 1816 and married Nancy McGeary late 1830's)

        Thursday, January 18, 1810
William Howell and Miss Margaret Ashbaugh, daughter of Simon Ashbaugh.  By
John Mc Mullan, Esq.

        Jan. 18, 1810
Peter Hammers to May Philipps of Cumberland Twp., Green Co., Pa.

        Feb. 8, 1810
John Stockdel and Miss Margaret McConel.  By. Rev. Matthew Brown.

        Feb. 28, 1810
James Gordon and Miss Kelly?


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