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Part 7

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#723 Petition August 1851 of MORRIS LONEGAN; age 30 years orthereabouts; born in Waterford County, Ireland; migrated from there to Quebec, then to Buffalo, New York, where he arrived September 1848; has been a resident in Fayette county since April 1849. #724 Declaration of Intent September 1851 of HENRY KEEFFER, a native of Hassa (?), Germany; aged 45 years; migrated from there and arrived in the United States at the port of Baltimore May 29, 1834. #725 Petition 1851 of THOMAS RHOADES; who has resided in the United States for the past 28 years; he was a minor in age when he arrived in the United States. #726 Petition October 1863 of WILLIAM GREEN; a native of Great Britain; born in Warwickshire, England December 24, 1808 (?); imigrated from there to the United States; arrived in New York May 12, 1827 and has resided in Pennsylvania for 22 years; he is 30 years of age in 1863. #727 Declaration of Intent of GEORGE FLURSHULTZ(?); a native of Germany; migrated from that place to the United States, where he arrived in Boston July 20, 1846; petition filed in Allegany county, Maryland in 1848; Fayette county petition filed October 1851. #728 Declaration of Intent January 1852 of WILLIAM MYERS; a native of Oldenburg, state of Oldenburg, Germany where he was born in 1835; emigrated from thence in 1848 and arrived in Baltimore may 1848; he is a resident of Fayette county since August 1848. #729 Declaration of Intent October 1855 of CHARLES GEIFE/GRIFE; a native of the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany; who migrated from there to Baltimore, Maryland July 6, 1848; shown as the age of 27 years in 1852. #730 Petition 1852 of ALBERT GRIFFE/GEFE; a native of Hanover, Germany; aged now 29 years; migrated from Germany to Baltimore September 11,1849. [Affidavit signed GRIFE] ---end of filing--- [For reference, the complete records (Alien Papers of Fayette county) can be found on LDS microfilm #1318163 (first half of records); second half of records found on film # 1318164]I have been reading the microfilm copies of "old" alien petitions for Fayette county, and as the leader for the present roll [film #1318163], there is an index of alien actions from around the late 1890's to ?. There are way too many to transcribe, but perhaps we can use these a different way. These entries are in alphabetical order. Here is a sample from page 1: Record #4570, ASTON, STEPHEN; voucher was CHARLES HARTILL; declaration made September 9, 1890; naturalized September 20, 1893; country of origin is England. #4692, ANDRESSIU (?), MIKE; dec: 3/21/1894; country is Hungary #4772; ASTON, THOMAS; FRED S. CHALFANT; Dec: 6/23/1894; Nat: 10/1/1896; country is England #4777; ADOBBATO, ROCCO, P. BURFANO; Dec: 8/4/1894; at:9/29/1900; country is Italy Hope this will help ....Karen Souhrada -end of Alien Papers- For part 6 of Alien Papers List Of Fayette County, Pa. For part 1 of Alien Papers List Of Fayette County, Pa.

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