Yolande, Ala. Mine Explosion

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The Washington Penna, Reporter
Tuesday Evening, December 17, 1907

SEVENTY-FIVE DIED IN MINE EXPLOSION Forty Bodies Recovered From Debris of the Yolande Workings DUST WAS RESPONSIBLE
United Press Dispatch. Yolande, Ala., Dec. 17.—Estimates at noon are that from 72 to 75 are dead as a result of yesterday’s explosion. Forty bodies have now been recovered. The remainder will be brought out by night. The explosion was below the second right sub-entry. The mines go down about 1,500 feet. The force of the explosion was made known out-side by the dust and timbers blown out in great quantities, destroying small buildings nearby and landing some distance away. There was terrific heat near the shaft after the explosion. Officers of the mining company immediately took steps to start a rescue party to get to the men on the inside. The fans were started and other means employed to eliminate the bad air. Within an hour 14 men had crawled out of the mine, and their description of the interior conditions was terrible. Several of these men were severely burned. For two hours after the explosion it was impossible to venture even near the mouth of the mine, so hot was the air that rushed out.

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