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Addison Township

AUGUSTINE BURIAL GROUND Situated on Abraham Augustine farm, now owned by Clarence
Augustine, on left side of Pike, about 1 mile from 
Addison, Addison Twp., Somerset Co., Pa. 
               Total: 17 graves - 15 graves not marked   
 1.AUGUSTINE, Sophia d/o H.& M.   age 1 yr 7 dys   d. 9/20/1853   
 2.AUGUSTINE, Margaret d/o A.& C. age     18 dys   d. 3/7/1845 

DAN AUGUSTINE FARM Farm is south of Addison, Addison Twp., 
Somerset Co., Pa.
               Total graves unknown  
 1.HILEMAN, Marty  no dates  
 2.HILEMAN, ______  wife 

AUGUSTINE BURIAL GROUND Situated on a farm south of Addison, 
Addison Twp., 1/8 mile. On part of Peter Augustine tract of 
land. Two graves not marked, those of Abraham Augustine & wife. Also Margaret 
Long Augustine. John Renold's Mother. Daughter of H. & M. Augustine 
thought to be buried here. At one time there was a fence around 4 graves, two
outside fence - only three graves discernable. This farm is now owned by Fazenbakers.
              TOTAL: 12 graves.
 1. In Memory of Susanna STUTLER  ae 1yr 7mo 22 da. d. 1816

BEECHLEY BURIAL GROUND Situated in Addison Twp., about 1/2 mile from 
Highway to National Pike -- about 2 miles from Confluence at old coal operations 
of Solar Fuel Co., now owned by Dr. Brow, West Newton, Pa. (Used to be on 
old Mitchell Farm--Mitchell and Was were kin.)
              Total: 15-20 none remain  
 1. WAS,____         13    1796-1803 broken stone-hard to read 

BOARDMAN BURIAL GROUNDS Situated on Listonburg & Salisbury 
Road, Addison Twp., land grant of 1808. The Boardman family came from 
Chesapeake Bay district with an invalid wife. She died the same year and 
is buried here.  
             Total: 19 graves in all  
 1.BOARDMAN,  James          age 81-4-24         d. 3/12/1849  
 2.BOARDMAN, Sarah          age 30 years        d. 3/10/1802  
 3.BOARDMAN, Priscilla 'relic of James age 73-0-25 d. 3/24/1849 
 4.ROBINSON,  George         age 78 years        d. 3/13/1849  
 5.______, Mary w/o David   age 70 years        d. 3/3/1866  
 6.BURGESS, William                    
 7.BURGESS,  Molly  wife  
 8.BURGESS, Susan d/o Wm & Molly  
 9.BOYD, Isaac  
10.DANIELS,  eight children of James Daniels - all died in the 
   Scarlett Fever epidemic of 1840 

BOWSER BURIAL GROUND Satiated on Poke Hill Road, 2 miles from 
Somerfield, Addison Twp., owned by Bowser heirs, inaccessible at present time, 
data given by an old Bowser lady, married to Tommy Green. 
            Total: unknown  
 1.BOWSER,  Daniel                               d. 1886  
 2.BOWSER, Elizabeth wife                       d. 1842  
 3.BOWSER, Harriet Schrock (Schrock of Myersdale) d. 1881  
 4.BOWSER, Harriet d/o Jacob  
 5.BOSWER,  Joel brother of Daniel               d. 1889  
 6.BOWSER, Joseph  
 7.BOWSER, Mary w/o Joseph  
 8.BOWSER, Leslie s/o Joseph  
 9.BOWSER, Peter                                d. 1846  
10.BOWSER, Peter (brother) killed by falling tree  d. 1845
11.BOWSER, Ray   
12.BOSWER, William  
13.GREEN,  Blanche Elethis  
14.GREEN, ______ infant of Blanche  
15.GREEN, Carl  
16.HERRING,  Jimmie (child)                         d. 1870 
17.HERRING,  Willie    (child)                      d. 1870  
18.LENHART,  Joey                                   d. 1870  
19.SELLERS,  Fred'k  
20.SELLERS,  John  
21.SELLERS, Wm. 

BOWSER CEMETERY  Situated on the Daniel S. Bowser farm, about 
10 rods from the barn, in a field along the road, Addison Twp. September 29, 1945.
           Total: 29 graves, 1 child and 1 adult not inscribed  
 1.BOWSER, Agnes R.                                d.1869  
 2.BOWSER, Daniel S.          b.1857               d. 1944  
 3.BOWSER, Daniel W.          b. 1890              d. 1932  
 4.BOWSER, Ernest W.   (WWI)  b. 1893              d. 1918  
 5.BOWSER, Joel            age 81-9-1         d. 10/30/1900  
 6.BOWSER, Joseph E.          b. 1854              d. 1926  
 7.BOWSER, Mary G. (wife)     b. 1867              d. 1896   
 8.BOWSER, Louis L.           b. 1895              d. 1896  
 9.BOWSER, Susanna            b. 12/1/1804    d. 11/5/1805  
10.BOWSER, Minnie                                  d. 1883  
11.BAUSER, Christina          b. 9/3/1806     d. 5/25/1807  
12.BAUSER,  Henry                  
13.BAUSER,  John               b. 8/5/1798     d. 9/16/1798 
14.BAUSER, John  
15.BAUSER, _____ wife  
16.BAUSER, Henry  
17.BAUSER,  Veronica  
18.GREEN, Thomas P.        b. 1852                 d. 1934 
19.GREEN, Mary E.          b. 1853                 d. 1937  
20.LENHART, J.L.H.         b. 1874                 d. 1876  
21.SCHWAIGEL, Mathas 
22.SELLERS, L. Fredk  (WWI) b. 1894                 d. 1918  
23.SELLERS, John           b. 1848                 d. 1911  
24.SELLERS, Wm  
25.SELLERS, Harriet wife   b.1863                  d.19__  
26.UAHER,  Philip  
27.UAHER,  Elizabeth 

CAMPBELL BURYING GROUND Situated on the Russel Beachy farm, 
originally owned by the Campbells, about 3 miles from St. Hill Station on B&O 
road from St.Hill & Silbaugh & Listonburg, Addison Twp., Somerset Co., 
Pa. The only stone marked is Martha Campbell although native stone show 
some 25 graves
 1. Martha Campbell         aged 60yr 6mo.     d. 12/18/1806

COLLIER BURYING GROUND Situated south of Addison on Poke Hill road.
           TOTAL: 5 graves here.
 1. grave of man, who hung himself, buried where he hung.
 2. Logan Collier (his grandson and brother buried here.) 
 3. In Memory of Mary w/o John Allen & d/o Logan Collier 
                 aged 70yr. & 23 days. 18__ (not legible).

CRAMER, LUTHER CEMETERY On road to Listonburg from Slisbury. 
Cemetery entirely destroyed.
          TOTAL: about 20 graves, none marked.
       (Some members of the Pooke family & a Barnsworth baby, are the only 
graves, that can be recalled.

DRIDLY HILL BURYING GROUND On top of Dridley Hill along the 
Penn-Electric right of way,1700 ft from the old Dridley home on old Listonburg 
 1. Harrison Tressler, (his father and mother, also some Shannons, are 
said to be buried here.)

ENDSLEY BURIAL GROUND Situated on the old Endsley farm 1/8 
mile right of the old town of Somerfeild (Somerfeild was flooded with the new 
Lake)   TOTAL: 32 graves.
 1. BROWN, Robert       ae. 63yrs.            d. 6/18/1811
 2. BURTEN, James Madison "In Memory of"      d. 5/25/1817
 3. ENDSLEY,  H.S. & I.K. no dates
 4. ENDSLEY, James M.     b. 1/17/1819        d. 7/8/1893.
 5. ENDSLEY,  Selina J.    b. 8/13/1821        d. 7/6/1893.
 6. ENDSLEY, Lillian      b. 7/26/1856        d. 9/15/1870.
 7. ENDSLEY, Charles W.   b. 11/23/1858       d. 3/17/1870.
 8. ENDSLEY, Mary w/o Capt. Thos. ae 46       d. 12/22/1832.
 9. ENDSLEY,  Mother       b. 12/26/1860       d. 3/9/1861.
10. FAIR, Susan consort of Geo.ae 18yr. 9mo. 18 day   d. 5/22/1849.
11. HAMILL, Anna A. d/o Leb & L.A.  ae 2 mo.  d. 8/10/1858.
12. JOHNSON, Joshua    ae 42.                 d. 9/30/1842.
13. KEMP,  dau of Charles ae 11.               d. 12/29/1815.
14. SMITH, Heinrich Schmidt 1795 -      E. Smith 4/19/1817.
15. THOMPSON, Mary S. d/o Samuel & Henrietta  ae 2yr 6mo 13 da. d. 11/3/1817.
16. TISHUE, Isaac s/o John K. & Clarissa  ae 2yr & 22 da. d. 7/11/1849.
17. WILLEY, Wm. S. no dated War 1812 & G.A.R..
NOTE: Mr. Cal Willey, s/o above recollects of people buried here:
 1. CAMP, child
 2. CONN, Mrs.
 3. GANES, Henry & wife.
 4. HAGANS, Henrietta, Posthumous child - father was Civil War Vet. became 
Methodist Minister, - mother was Chelsea Ke?p Hagans.
 5. HUFF,  Jacob.
 6. JOHNSON,  Thomas.
 7. RICHARDS, Louisa.
 8. RICHARDS, Mrs. - mother of W. Richards.
 9. WILLEY, Cory -- Elizabeth McCauley mother of Cal Willey - Lambert Willey.

south of the National Road, wmiles from the former town of Somerfeild. 
The land was owned by Tommy Green.       TOTAL: 22 graves.
 1. HARDEN,  George      ae 21yr 5mo 20days      d. 3/17/1838.
 2. HARDEN, George      ae 21yr 5mo 20days      d. 3/17/1838.
 3. HARDEN, James H.    ae 27yr 5mo 1 day.      d. 11/8/1872.
 4. HARDIN,  Laura B. d/o J.K. &  L.E. ae 11yr. 3mo. 21days.   d. 9/2/1881.
 5. HARDIN,  William     ae 86yr & 5 days.       d. 5/18/1877.
 6. HARDIN, Susanna     ae 76 (Pts. had 22 ch.) d. 3/15/1875.
 7. HILKEY,  John, wife and children - not marked
 8. LeCLAIR,  L.V.       b. 9/4/1879             d. 8/28/1927.
 9. HUMBERTON, Frisby T. ae 55yr 10mo 2 days    d. 3/19/1875.
10. HUMBERTON, Lydia    b. 4/12/1834            d. 10/12/1918.
11. HUMBERTON, Charles A. b. 4/21/1856          d. 5/23/1926.
12. HUMBERTON, Mary Lou b. 8/25/1857            d. 6/14/1927. 
   Children buried here that died with diptheria:  Perry,  Anna, Sarah,  Margaret, 
William, Walter, Milford, & Frank HARDIN (no markers).

HOME BURIAL GROUND Located in the old town of Somerfeild (now flooded by theYoughiogheny River Lake).
    Capt. Endsley, father of Wm. Endsley of Somerfield ground on what is known 
as the Hone field. Hones were evidently squatters, as this land was in the 
Schmidt grant of this land. The graveswere supposed to be some of the Spears.

Located in Listonburg near the chrch
         TOTAL: 20 graves, - children & unmarked graves omitted. 
 1. BARCLAY, Emme w/o Moses ae 27yr 1mo 23 da. d. 12/25/1892.
 2. KELLER, Samuel    1821 - 1890.
 3. LENHART, John    ae 47yr 4mo 18da.         d. 7/2/1891.
 4. LINSINGER, Lewis b. 2/5/1820               d. 3/9/1899.
 5. LISTON, Thomas    ae 69                    d. 9/1/1874.
 6. LISTON, Elizabeth w/o Thomas ae 82yr 1mo 11days d. 10/12/1888.
 7. MARSHALL, Sarah F. ae 27yr 7mo    d. 11/1/1885.
 8. SMOUSE, Mary w/o Daniel 1796 - 1877.
 9. WILHELM, Marshall  ae 30yr 6mo 3days "Hus & Fa’d.” 6/22/1886.
10. WILKENS, Louise    ae 78yr 2mo 20days      d. 7/7/1890.

LIVENGOOD, MAHLON BURYING GROUND Situated on the old Mahlon 
Livengood farm about 2 1/2miles from the old B&O 
staion at Fort Hill to Silbaugh & Listonbrg. Farm now owned by Lewis Livengood. 
 1. LIVENGOOD, Charles , s/o Mahlon & Lavina ae 8yr. 10m, ?da.  d. 2/18/1896
 2. LIVENGOOD, Mahlon
 4. Mrs. Andrew Enos. (one grave not marked)

McCAMPBELL BURIAL GROUND Situated on old McCampbell 
Farm, now owned by Shultz, on National Pike, 2 miles west of Addison, 
Addison Township, on right side of road, Somerset Co., Pa. 
     Total: 15 graves, only one legable, all stones are gone, but were all 
members of the McCampbell family.  
 1.Campbell, Mary Ellen  d/o M.C. d 7/3/1850

McCLINTOCK GRAVEYARD Situated on McClintock farm 1/2 mile, from 
Harnedsville bridge, crossing Casselman River. 
      Total: 19 graves, 14 adult graves not marked and 1 child
 1.John P. McClintock     b.9/10/1802   d. 7/15/1892  
 2.Lydia wife of John P.   b.12/6/1813  d. ?  
 3.Mary E. Wilhelm                      d. 8/8/1860 age 2-0-19 
 4.Levi McClintock  s/o John P & Lydia  d.  5/1/1852 age 8-2-26 

ROY McCLINTOCK farm BURYING GROUND Situated on the old Roy 
McClintock farm,1 and a half milefrom the old B&O train staion at Fort Hill. 
Farm formerly owned by Jacob Vough.  
      Total: 5 that is known  
 1. Alexander McClintock  
 2.Mrs. Alexander McClintock  
 3.One Shumaker infant  
 4.one Romesburg infant (not marked) 

farm now owned by John Gower, a descendant. Located about _ miles 
from Fort Hill Station on B.&O., Addison Twp. 
        Total: about 40 graves but not marked  
 1.John McClintock     d. 7/4/1848  age 71  
 2.Mrs. John McClintock  no dates  
 3.Margaret McClintock    no dates 

McCLINTOCK BURYING GROUND Situated on John M. Leslie farm, 
about 1 mile from Fort Hill Station on B.&O. Farm formerly owned by John & 
Robert McClintock.  
        Total: unknown, now is under a road  
 1."In memory of" Robert McClintock: b./12/25/1770  d.2/25/1837    
    the sone lies in fence corner. There was an apple tree     
    grew on this plot when it was a cemetery, the then
    owner would not eat the apples.  
 2.Mrs. Robert McClintock and Baby: these two drowned while 
    fording the river on horseback  
 3. Wm. Wilkey was buried here but the sone destroyed  
 4. Levi Wilkey was buried here. Died from drowning. 

McCULLOUGH BURIAL GROUND Situated in Addison Twp., on farm 
now owned by O.D. Cuppett, 1 mile from National Highway, between Addison & 
Somerfield, Somerset Co., Pa. 
      Total: 10 graves, 3 graves unmarked and 1 buried  
 1."In memory of" John T KEMP s/o John S.   b.4/12/1770 d. 10/21/1822  
 2. field stone b. June EK 29  Jim Dyed March 27 18  0  23  
 3. 2 graves said to be Tissues   
 4. 1 grave said to be Connelly. Grandparents of Mr. Tissue of 
     ................ the former town of Somerfield, Pa

THE OLD BURIAL GROUND #1 Situated on farm originally owned by Ross 
McClintock, now owned by Dan Smith, 1/2 mile from Silbaugh, 
M.C.Church Cemetery.   
        Total:total graves unknown  
 1. Mitchell McClintock    (not marked)  
 2.two children of Ross McClintock  (not marked) 

THE OLD BURIAL GROUND #2 Situated on what is known as "Old Daniel 
Yutzy farm," now owned by Newman and Horton, 1/2 mile 
west of the village of Phochontas and about 400 yards northwest of the farm
      Total: total graves unknown  
 1.YUTZY, Daniel d. 2/10/1884 age 78-7-26 (This was the father
     of Col. E. D. Yutzy. One of the Pioneer settlers of
     Greenville twp. He has a multitude of ancestors in
     Somerset and adjoining counties of PA & MD.  
 2.YUTZY, Annie wife  d.2/12/1840  age 25-6-25 first wife   
 3.YUTZY,  Magdalena 2nd wf of Daniel  d 12/22/1863 age 44-8-0   
 4.YUTZY, Lydia  d. 6/8/1850  age 22-2-6  
 5.YUTZY, Samuel D.  1836-1920         G.A.R.  
 6.YUTZY, Mary E.  wife   1841-1926 

THE OLD BURIAL GROUND #3 Situated on banks of Casselman River 
across east end of Brooks tunnel. 
        Total: total graves unknown  
 1.CASE,  John   (veteran of the war of 1812)  
 2.HEINBAUGH, ____
 3.WOOF, ____ 
 4.BAER, ____   
     These Men were drowned in the Casselman River and their 
       names marked on a Beech tree near their burial place. 

TURNEY BURIAL GROUND Situated on old Turney farm, 1/2 mile south
of Fike, (turn to left at first road after Y) on National Pike. 
     Total: 68 graves - children and not insribed graves were 
 1.GRIFFITH, Abraham        b. 5/6/1830    d.  10/28/1894  
 2.GRIFFITH, Catherine      b. 7/23/1822   d.  3/3/1911   
 3.GRIFFITH,  Howard         b. 4/29/1856   d.  3/9/1882   
 4.STUCK, Ephriam       age 87-7-23        d.  4/17/1896  
 5.STUCK,  Mary  wife    age 61-2-25        d.  6/17/1867  
 6.TURNEY,  Catherine w/o Philip age 76-11-1 d.  6/4/1865  
 7.TURNEY, Alsinda d/o P & C age 25-6-26   d.  7/7/1872  
 8.TURNEY, Christina consort of John age 66-3-0 d.  6/9/1849  
 9.TURNEY, George  W. (G.A.R.) b.1/24/1824 d.  8/6/1901  
10.TURNEY, Henry            age 28-6-22    d.  7/20/1878  
11.TURNEY,  Micheal          age 33-6-13    d.  6/21/1878  
12.TURNEY, Phillip          age 78-5-21    d.  12/8/1895  
13.TURNEY, Nancy  wife      age  24yrs.    d.  5/30/1852  
14.TURNEY, Sarah w/o Harrison age 28/1/3   d.  1/15/1862  
15.TURNEY, Sarah w/o Philip age 81-1-12    d.  1/20/1873  
16.TURNEY, Philip           age 65-9-24    d.  2/3/1856  
17.TURNEY, Solomon          age 68-4-1     d.  7/7/1882  
18.WHETSTONE,  Susanna wife of S. b.4/1/1816 d.  11/9/1852 

WILHELM BURIAL GROUND Situated on Jacob Miller farm, 1/8 mile
from National Pike, 2 miles from Addison, Addison Twp.     
          Total: 8 graves - 3 not marked  
 1.AUGUSTINE, Catherine consort of Abraham   
            ..................b.6/7/1819     d.3/1/1845  
 2.WILHELM,  Jacob          age 59yrs.        d. 10/29/1817  
 3.WILHELM, Margaret consort of Jacob age 78-4-18 d. 9/15/1852  
 4.WILHELM, Elizabeth w/o Jacob b. 4/18/1800 d. 6/12/1880  
 5.WILHELM, Jacob            b. 9/27/1798    d. 3/11/1869 
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