Braden Cemetery

NORTH BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP, WASHINGTON CO., PENNA. Copied 5 May 1974 by Joseph F. Floran - the drawing is not drawn to scale. (See at end of census) Directions: Turn south from Scenery Hill, Penna. On Leg. Rt. 62079 for 1.6 miles. Turn right on red-dog road 0.5 miles to driveway. Cemetery sets in field approx. 0.75 miles from red-dog road. BRADEN, David, d. 22 Feb. 1864, 20yr. 7mo. 22da. Member of Co. E. Ringgold Battalion, U.S. Service BRADEN, Elizabeth d. 25 Jan. 1832, 21yrs. BRADEN, Elizabeth d. 11 Dec. 1865, 27yrs BRADEN, Elizabeth d. 9 July 1842, 4mos. Daughter of Samuel and Mary Braden BRADEN, Jacob d. 25 June 1829, 74yrs. Revolutionary Sol. See Patriots Index Vol. 1, pg. 78 BRADEN, Jacob d. 21 March 1839 (?), 80yr BRADEN, James d. 17 Feb. 1866, 24yr. BRADEN, John d. 2 Apr. 1832, 29yr. BRADEN, John Milton d. 20 Apr. 1845, 4 da. Son of Samuel & Mary Braden BRADEN, Rachel d. 9 Mar. 1857, 1mo. 10da. Daughter of Jacob and R. Braden BRADEN, Rachel w/o Jacob d. 24 March 1866, 53yr BRADEN, Rebecca Jane d. 16 Feb 1817, 6yr. Daughter of Rachel & R. Braden BRADEN, Rebecca d. 21 Oct. 1824, 56yrs. Wife of Jacob Braden BRADEN, Rebecca d. 19 Aug. 1858, 57yrs. BRADEN, Susannah d. 11 Mar. 1817, 1yr. 2mo. Daughter of Jacob & R. Braden NICKERSON, ______ d. 23 May 1863, 58yr. Wife of Jerimiah Nickerson NICKERSON, ______ d. 21 July 1831, 3yr. 5mo. Son of Jerimiah and S. Nickerson.




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